Commit f3d04cae authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix exec path on the mac for project files in which the

exec path is not specified, by testing whether the
string is empty before calling SetProject, because
SetProject replaces the empty string by the
project path
parent de0e176e
......@@ -836,18 +836,19 @@ ReadProjectFile projectPath applicationDir ps
= ((emptyProject,False,"The file \"" +++ projectName +++ "\" is an old project and could not be opened."),ps)
#! (options, file) = ReadOptionsFile file
projectGO = GetProject applicationDir projectDir emptyProject
project = GetOptions ProjectTable options projectGO
project = (if (version == "1.3")
projectGO = GetOptions ProjectTable options projectGO
projectGO = (if (version == "1.3")
) project // DvA: need to set needs save flag for project;
) projectGO // DvA: need to set needs save flag for project;
It's better to replace above with a dialog with popup of available environments.
project = SetProject applicationDir projectDir project
unexpanded_exec_path = projectGO.pg_execpath
project = SetProject applicationDir projectDir projectGO
execpath = PR_GetExecPath project
(rootpath,project) = PR_GetRootPathName project
project = PR_SetExecPath (if (execpath=="") (MakeExecPathname rootpath) execpath) project
project = PR_SetExecPath (if (size unexpanded_exec_path==0) (MakeExecPathname rootpath) execpath) project
(closed, ps) = fclose file ps
| not closed
// generate warning?
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