Commit bfbe79bc authored by Mart Lubbers's avatar Mart Lubbers

Merge branch 'realConsts' into 'master'

use NaN/Infininty constants from StdReal

See merge request !25
parents 5a02237f aa80d4b0
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......@@ -118,8 +118,7 @@ ggen{|Real|} s
= takeWhile (\r -> abs r <= toReal (s.maxDepth - s.depth)) l
= l
// -nan nan inf -inf
l = [0.0,0.0/0.0,~(0.0/0.0),1.0/0.0,-1.0/0.0
l = [NaN, ~NaN, Infinity, ~Infinity
[r \\ x <- diag [1:prims] [1:prims] (\n d.toReal n/toReal d), r <- [x,~ x]]
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