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    Support asynchronous reading, writing and modifying shares · 374346f0
    Haye Böhm authored
    - Add new share types denoting a share is a remote (SDSRemote)
    - Change read/write/modify signatures to be able to return that a
    respective operation is queued.
    - Change get/set/upd to use and wait for asyn operations
    - Change part of the task rewriting to account for waiting for async
    An operation on a SDS can now yield either:
        Queued connectionId: An async operation is queued, the task will be
        notified when it is done. The connectionId should be used to
        retrieve the result from the connection states in the world.
        This is only returned when:
    	- The operation is done on a RemoteSDS
    	- The operation is done in the context of a task
        Result a: Synchronous operation was done, return the result directly
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