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Explain how to build BasicAPIExamples

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......@@ -43,3 +43,29 @@ The top-level folders are:
- `Config`: Here you can find the environment definitions for the CleanIDE/Cpm. These are organized in subfolders for each OS/Platform because paths are different on each target.
- `Documentation`: Here you can find supplemental documentation. A good starting point is the iTask guide (`Documentation/`).
## Basic API Examples
The most basic examples that give an overview of the iTasks framework can be found in the module `BasicAPIExamples` in the directory `Examples`.
You can generate the source code for this project by running:
cp CreateBasicAPIExamples.prj{.default,}
cpm CreateBasicAPIExamples.prj
./CreateBasicAPIExamples.exe > BasicAPIExamples.icl
To compile the project you can then use:
cp BasicAPIExamples.prj{.default,}
cpm BasicAPIExamples.prj
This creates `BasicAPIExamples.exe`.
Despite the extension this executable works on your current platform.
The implementation of the various example tasks can be found in the `Examples/BasicAPIExamples` directory.
There you also find project files that you can use to test examples in isolation.
Be aware that by default `BasicAPIExamples.prj` will use the iTasks sources from the Clean installation, not from this repository.
You need to change the target environment or the paths to build using the sources in this repository.
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