Commit 3fdb2769 authored by Steffen Michels's avatar Steffen Michels

fix websocket upgrade: make check of 'Upgrade' header case-insensitive

parent 8c7f82d0
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...@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ where ...@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ where
reqFun taskUrls req output iworld=:{IWorld|options={appName}} reqFun taskUrls req output iworld=:{IWorld|options={appName}}
//Check for WebSocket upgrade headers //Check for WebSocket upgrade headers
| ('DM'.get "Upgrade" req.HTTPRequest.req_headers) =:(Just "websocket") && isJust ('DM'.get "Sec-WebSocket-Key" req.HTTPRequest.req_headers) | (toLowerCase <$> 'DM'.get "Upgrade" req.HTTPRequest.req_headers) =:(Just "websocket") && isJust ('DM'.get "Sec-WebSocket-Key" req.HTTPRequest.req_headers)
# secWebSocketKey = trim (fromJust ('DM'.get "Sec-WebSocket-Key" req.HTTPRequest.req_headers)) # secWebSocketKey = trim (fromJust ('DM'.get "Sec-WebSocket-Key" req.HTTPRequest.req_headers))
# secWebSocketAccept = wsockHandShake secWebSocketKey # secWebSocketAccept = wsockHandShake secWebSocketKey
//Create handshake response //Create handshake response
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