Commit 44e2b5af authored by Bas Lijnse's avatar Bas Lijnse

Removed old AllExamples module

git-svn-id: 63da3aa8-80fd-4f01-9db8-e6ea747a3da2
parent 1ab60b76
module AllExamples
import iTasks
//Business examples
import TravelBooking
//Higher order examples
import MovingTask
import DeadlineTask
import DelegateTask
import ReviewTask
import ExceptionHandling
//Miscellaneous examples
import SmallExamples
import GUIDemo
import BugReport
import Coffeemachine
import APIDocumentation
//import Newsgroups
//import textEditor
import CoffeeTime
import Calculator
import TableExamples
import GeoTracker
//import RPCExamples
//Shared Value Examples
import SharedVariables
//Graphical iTask Notation
//import GinExamples
import WorkflowAdmin
Start :: *World -> *World
Start world = startEngine (manageWorkflows (workflows ++ workflowmw)) world
workflows = flatten [ travelBookingExample
, movingTaskExample
, deadlineTaskExample
, delegateTaskExample
, reviewTaskExample
, smallExamples
, guiDemoExample
, bugReportExample
, coffeemachineExample
//, textEditor
, coffeeTimeExample
, calculatorExample
, tableExamples
, geoTrackerExamples
//, newsgroupsExample
, exceptionHandlingExample
, sharedValueExamples
//, rpcExamples
//, ginExamples
, apiDocumentationExamples
, [restrictedWorkflow "Admin/Users" "Manage users" ["admin"] manageUsers]
workflowmw = [workflow "Manage workflows" "Manage other workflows and instances" (manageWorkflows workflows)]
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