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Created a first version of a web resource collector tool that finds all static...

Created a first version of a web resource collector tool that finds all static web resources used by iTasks libraries
parent 150d2b57
module WebResourceCollector
* This program collects all the necessary public web resources that an iTasks program
* needs to run. These are for example, static javascript files, images and the html launch page.
* The way this collector works is straightforward. It looks in a project file which modules are
* used by a program and then checks for each module if a directory called "<modulename>-webpublic" exists
* if it exists, the full contents of that directory are copied to the collection directory called "<applicationname>-webpublic"
* To always bundle the right versions of web resources, this program must be run after every build
* in the link phase.
import StdEnv
import System.CommandLine
import System.File, System.FilePath, System.Directory
import Data.Error
import Text
Start :: *World -> *World
Start world
//Figure out input and output dirs
# (argv,world) = getCommandLine world
| length argv <> 5 = world //Fail
# (content,world) = readFile (argv !! 2) world //When called by the IDE or cpm the second argument will be the 'linkopts' file
| isError content
= print (toString (fromError content)) world
# content = fromOk content
# outDir = exePathToOutputDir (lookupExePath content)
# inDirs = objectPathsToInputDirs (lookupObjectPaths content)
//Create output dir
# (mbErr,world) = createDirectory outDir world
| not (mbErr =: (Ok _) || mbErr =: (Error (17,_))) //Ignore 'File exists' errors
# (errorcode,errormsg) = fromError mbErr
= print errormsg world
//Copy the contents of the input dirs if they exist
# world = foldr (\d w -> copyWebResources d outDir w) world inDirs
= world
//Print a debug message
print msg world
# (console,world) = stdio world
# console = fwrites "iTasks Resource Collector: " console
# console = fwrites msg console
# console = fwrites "\n" console
# (_,world) = fclose console world
= world
//Brute force 'parsing' functions that find the necessary information in a linkopts file
lookupExePath :: String -> String
lookupExePath linkopts
= last (split "\t" (hd (filter (startsWith "ExePath") (split "\n" linkopts))))
lookupObjectPaths :: String -> [String]
lookupObjectPaths linkopts
= map (last o split "\t") (takeWhile (startsWith "\tPath") (tl (dropWhile (not o (startsWith "ObjectPaths")) (split "\n" linkopts))))
//Determine the output folder where the web resources should be copied to
exePathToOutputDir :: FilePath-> FilePath
exePathToOutputDir path = dropExtension path +++ "-www"
//Determine the potential input folders
objectPathsToInputDirs :: [FilePath] -> [FilePath]
objectPathsToInputDirs paths = map rewrite paths
rewrite path = join {pathSeparator} ((filter ((<>) "Clean System Files") (split {pathSeparator} (dropExtension path)))) +++ "-WebPublic"
//Copy the web resources if the input directory exists
copyWebResources :: !FilePath !FilePath !*World -> *World
copyWebResources indir outdir world
# (dir,world) = isDirectory indir world
| dir
# world = print ("Copying resources from "+++indir) world
= copyDirectoryContent indir outdir world
| otherwise = world
isDirectory :: !FilePath !*World -> (!Bool, !*World)
isDirectory path world = case getFileInfo path world of
(Ok {FileInfo|directory},world) = (directory,world)
(_,world) = (False,world)
copyDirectoryContent :: !FilePath !FilePath !*World -> *World
copyDirectoryContent indir outdir world
= case readDirectory indir world of
(Ok items,world) = foldr (copyItem indir outdir) world items
(_,world) = world
copyItem indir outdir item world
| item == "." || item == ".." = world
# (dir,world) = isDirectory (indir </> item) world
| dir //Create the target directory and recursively copy content
# (_,world) = createDirectory (outdir </> item) world
= copyDirectoryContent (indir </> item) (outdir </> item) world
| otherwise //Copy the file
= copyFile (indir </> item) (outdir </> item) world
copyFile :: !FilePath !FilePath !*World -> *World
copyFile inf outf world
# (ok,inh,world) = fopen inf FReadData world
| not ok
= world
# (ok,outh,world) = fopen outf FWriteData world
| not ok
= world
# (inh,outh) = copy inh outh
# (_,world) = fclose inh world
# (_,world) = fclose outh world
= world
copy inh outh
# (string, inh) = freads inh 1000
| string == "" = (inh, outh)
| otherwise
# outh = fwrites string outh
= copy inh outh
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