Commit 6198b276 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add cleanup

git-svn-id: 63da3aa8-80fd-4f01-9db8-e6ea747a3da2
parent 446e35c5
......@@ -20,3 +20,13 @@ copy_string_to_graph.o: copy_string_to_graph.c
copy_string_to_graph_interface.o: copy_string_to_graph_interface_linux.s
as copy_string_to_graph_interface_linux.s -o copy_string_to_graph_interface.o
cp copy_string_to_graph_interface.o "Clean System Files"/copy_string_to_graph_interface.o
rm copy_graph_to_string.o
rm copy_graph_to_string_interface.o
rm copy_string_to_graph.o
rm copy_string_to_graph_interface.o
rm "Clean System Files"/copy_graph_to_string.o
rm "Clean System Files"/copy_graph_to_string_interface.o
rm "Clean System Files"/copy_string_to_graph.o
rm "Clean System Files"/copy_string_to_graph_interface.o
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