Commit 75db7734 authored by Mart Lubbers's avatar Mart Lubbers

Fix sequence through fixing foreverStIf

parent 8aedd474
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......@@ -99,14 +99,13 @@ sequence tasks = foreverStIf
//Run the first task and add it to the accumulator
(\(acc, [todo:todos])->todo >>- \t->treturn ([t:acc], todos))
//When done, just return the accumulator
@ fst
@ reverse o fst
foreverStIf :: (a -> Bool) a !(a -> Task a) -> Task a | iTask a
foreverStIf pred st t = parallel [(Embedded, par st Nothing)] []
>>- \tv->case tv of
[(_, Value i True)] = treturn i
_ = throw "Corrupt parallel in foreverStIf"
>>* [OnValue (withValue \v->case v of
[(_, Value i True)] = Just (treturn i)
_ = Nothing)]
par st (Just tid) tlist = removeTask tid tlist >>- \_->par st Nothing tlist
par st Nothing tlist
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