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Commit 7d30f8e8 authored by Bas Lijnse's avatar Bas Lijnse

Improved garbage collection of session tasks. It no longer only looks at the last io time.

It now includes checking the buildID of the application and the creation time of the task instance.
parent 8db2f96c
......@@ -173,23 +173,45 @@ removeOutdatedSessions :: !*IWorld -> *(!MaybeError TaskException (), !*IWorld)
removeOutdatedSessions iworld
# (mbIndex,iworld) = read (sdsFocus {InstanceFilter|defaultValue & onlySession=Just True} filteredInstanceIndex) iworld
= case mbIndex of
Ok index = (Ok (), foldr removeIfOutdated iworld index)
Ok index = checkAll removeIfOutdated index iworld
Error e = (Error e, iworld)
removeIfOutdated (instanceNo,_,_,_) iworld=:{clocks={localDate,localTime}}
//Get lastIO time
= case read (sdsFocus instanceNo taskInstanceIO) iworld of
checkAll f [] iworld = (Ok (),iworld)
checkAll f [x:xs] iworld = case f x iworld of
(Ok (),iworld) = checkAll f xs iworld
(Error e,iworld) = (Error e,iworld)
removeIfOutdated (instanceNo,_,_,_) iworld=:{clocks={localDate,localTime},server={buildID}}
# (remove,iworld) = case read (sdsFocus instanceNo taskInstanceIO) iworld of
//If there is I/O information, we check that age first
(Ok (Just (client,time)),iworld) //No IO for too long, clean up
# (Timestamp tInstance) = datetimeToTimestamp time
(Timestamp tNow) = datetimeToTimestamp (toDateTime localDate localTime)
| (tNow - tInstance) > SESSION_TIMEOUT
# (_,iworld) = deleteTaskInstance instanceNo iworld
# (_,iworld) = 'SDS'.write Nothing (sdsFocus instanceNo taskInstanceIO) iworld
= iworld
| otherwise
= iworld
(Ok Nothing,iworld) = iworld
(Error e,iworld) = iworld
= (Ok ((tNow - tInstance) > SESSION_TIMEOUT),iworld)
//If there is no I/O information, get meta-data and check builtId and creation date
(Ok Nothing,iworld)
= case read (sdsFocus instanceNo taskInstanceConstants) iworld of
(Ok {InstanceConstants|build,issuedAt},iworld)
| build <> buildID = (Ok True,iworld)
# (Timestamp tInstance) = datetimeToTimestamp issuedAt
| (tNow - tInstance) > SESSION_TIMEOUT = (Ok True,iworld)
= (Ok False,iworld)
(Error e,iworld)
= (Error e,iworld)
(Error e,iworld)
= (Error e,iworld)
= case remove of
(Ok True)
# (e,iworld) = deleteTaskInstance instanceNo iworld
| e=:(Error _) = (e,iworld)
# (e,iworld) = 'SDS'.write Nothing (sdsFocus instanceNo taskInstanceIO) iworld
| e=:(Error _) = (e,iworld)
= (Ok (),iworld)
(Ok False)
= (Ok (), iworld)
(Error e)
= (Error e,iworld)
(Timestamp tNow) = datetimeToTimestamp (toDateTime localDate localTime)
//When we don't run the built-in HTTP server we don't want to loop forever so we stop the loop
//once all tasks are stable
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