Commit 858eb665 authored by Peter Achten's avatar Peter Achten

addition from merge request `Commit 979683c1`

parent 2d0d7c3f
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......@@ -434,10 +434,8 @@ where
clientRegisterEventhandlers :: !(SVGEditor s v) !JSVal !ImgEventhandlers` !ImgTags !*JSWorld -> *JSWorld | JSONEncode{|*|} s
clientRegisterEventhandlers svglet=:{SVGEditor | renderImage} me es tags world
#! world = timeTrace "clientRegisterEventhandlers started at " world
#! (taskId,world) = clientGetTaskId me world
#! world = clientRegisterEventhandlers` svglet me taskId es tags world
#! world = timeTrace "clientRegisterEventhandlers ended at " world
= world
// generate the entire SVG element from an Img with all spans resolved:
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