Commit 8cb5e093 authored by Bas Lijnse's avatar Bas Lijnse

Merge branch 'cleanup-imports' into 'master'

Cut down on some imports

See merge request !376
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......@@ -5,10 +5,7 @@ definition module iTasks.WF.Combinators.Common
import iTasks.SDS.Definition
import iTasks.WF.Combinators.Core
from iTasks.WF.Tasks.Interaction import :: ChoiceOption
from StdBool import not
from Data.Map import :: Map
from Data.Either import :: Either
from Data.Either import :: Either
instance Functor Task
......@@ -5,23 +5,18 @@ implementation module iTasks.WF.Combinators.Common
import StdEnv
import Data.Functor
import Data.Func
import Data.Map.GenJSON
import qualified Data.Map as DM
import iTasks.Engine
import iTasks.Internal.SDS
import iTasks.Internal.Serialization
import iTasks.SDS.Combinators.Common
import iTasks.SDS.Sources.Core
import iTasks.SDS.Sources.System
import iTasks.UI.Definition
import iTasks.UI.Editor
import iTasks.UI.Editor.Controls
import iTasks.UI.Layout
import iTasks.UI.Layout.Common, iTasks.UI.Layout.Default
import iTasks.UI.Tune
import iTasks.WF.Combinators.Core
import iTasks.WF.Combinators.SDS
import iTasks.WF.Derives
import iTasks.WF.Tasks.Core
import iTasks.WF.Tasks.Interaction
......@@ -2,17 +2,9 @@ definition module iTasks.WF.Tasks.SDS
* This module provides the core tasks for accessing shared data sources.
from iTasks.WF.Definition import :: Task, class iTask
from iTasks.WF.Definition import :: Task
import iTasks.SDS.Definition
from iTasks.UI.Editor import :: Editor
from iTasks.UI.Editor.Generic import generic gEditor
from iTasks.Internal.Generic.Visualization import generic gText, :: TextFormat
from iTasks.Internal.Generic.Defaults import generic gDefault
from Text.GenJSON import generic JSONEncode, generic JSONDecode, :: JSONNode
from Data.GenEq import generic gEq
from Data.Maybe import :: Maybe
* Reads shared data once.
......@@ -4,13 +4,11 @@ import StdEnv
import iTasks.SDS.Definition
import iTasks.WF.Tasks.Core
import iTasks.WF.Definition
import iTasks.UI.Definition
import iTasks.Internal.AsyncSDS
import iTasks.Internal.Task
import iTasks.Internal.TaskEval
import iTasks.Internal.TaskState
import iTasks.Internal.Util
get :: !(sds () a w) -> Task a | TC a & Readable sds & TC w
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