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Expand documentation of SDSIdentityHash to explain why gText/GraphCopy cannot be used

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......@@ -21,7 +21,23 @@ from Data.Set import :: Set
derive gText SDSNotifyRequest, RemoteNotifyOptions
//* This type is for internal purposes only.
* This type is for internal purposes only.
* This hash allows for fast `Map`s from SDSs to other values in the `IWorld`.
* Previously, these were indexed using
* 1. The `gText` representation. This is not a good idea, because when `gText`
* is specialized not all parts of the value may be taken into account. (Also
* this is very slow and requires a lot of memory to create and store the
* string representations.)
* 2. A hash of the GraphCopy representation. This can however give a different
* hash for the same value. In particular this is the case for strings: for
* example, the last 7 bytes (3 on 32-bit systems) of a string of length 1
* are unused, and unspecified in the GraphCopy representation.
* For this reason we now use the dedicated hashing function `gHash`.
:: SDSIdentityHash :== Int
//* This type is for internal purposes only.
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