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Added an extension to create scaled editors

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definition module iTasks.Extensions.ScaledEditor
from iTasks.UI.Editor import :: Editor
* This module wraps any editor in a container.
* The editor gets a fixed size, but is scaled down or up with css transforms to always fit
* the container. This is useful for presentations and other applications where you need a
* predictable fixed UI size, but don't know the resolution of the display.
scaledEditor :: Int Int (Editor a) -> Editor a
implementation module iTasks.Extensions.ScaledEditor
import StdFunctions, StdString, StdList, StdBool, StdArray
import Text.HTML, Text.GenJSON, Data.Error, Data.Func
import iTasks.UI.Definition
import iTasks.UI.Editor
import iTasks.UI.Editor.Modifiers
import iTasks.UI.JavaScript
import iTasks.Internal.Serialization
import qualified Data.Map as DM
//Basic idea:
//- Give the inner editor an exact size in pixels
//- Wrap the editor in a container
//- Add an onResize handler on the container that measures both the outer
// and inner element and sets a CSS transform on the inner element.
scaledEditor :: Int Int (Editor a) -> Editor a
scaledEditor width height editor = {Editor|genUI=genUI,onEdit=onEdit,onRefresh=onRefresh,valueFromState=valueFromState}
fixedEditor = (sizeAttr (ExactSize width) (ExactSize height)) @>> editor
genUI attr datapath mode vst = case fixedEditor.Editor.genUI attr datapath (mapEditMode id mode) vst of
(Ok (editorUI,editorState),vst)
# (initUIString, vst) = serializeForClient (wrapInitUIFunction initUI) vst
= (Ok (wrapUI initUIString editorUI,editorState),vst)
(Error e,vst) = (Error e,vst)
onEdit datapath event state vst = case fixedEditor.Editor.onEdit datapath event state vst of
(Ok (change,state),vst)
# (initUIString, vst) = serializeForClient (wrapInitUIFunction initUI) vst
= (Ok (wrapChange initUIString change,state),vst)
(Error e,vst) = (Error e,vst)
onRefresh datapath value state vst = case fixedEditor.Editor.onRefresh datapath value state vst of
(Ok (change,state),vst)
# (initUIString, vst) = serializeForClient (wrapInitUIFunction initUI) vst
= (Ok (wrapChange initUIString change,state),vst)
(Error e,vst) = (Error e,vst)
valueFromState = fixedEditor.Editor.valueFromState
wrapUI initUI ui = uiac UIContainer ('DM'.fromList [("initUI",JSONString initUI)]) [ui]
wrapChange initUI NoChange = NoChange
wrapChange initUI (ReplaceUI ui) = ReplaceUI (wrapUI initUI ui)
wrapChange initUI change = ChangeUI [] [(0,ChangeChild change)]
//Add the onResize event handler on the wrapping container to scale the inner element
initUI me world
# (jsOnResize,world) = jsWrapFun (onResize me) me world
# world = (me .# "onResize" .= jsOnResize) world
= world
onResize me args world
//Select the inner editor's dom element
# (children,world) = (me .# "domEl.children") .? world
# (innerEl,world) = (children .# 0) .? world
//Measure the inner size of the container element
# (domElClientHeight,world) = (me .# "domEl.clientHeight") .? world
# (domElClientWidth,world) = (me .# "domEl.clientWidth") .? world
//Measure the outer size of the editor's element
# (innerElOffsetHeight,world) = (innerEl .# "offsetHeight") .? world
# (innerElOffsetWidth,world) = (innerEl .# "offsetWidth") .? world
//Determine the scale factor
# scaleHeight = toReal (fromMaybe 1 (jsValToInt domElClientHeight)) / toReal (fromMaybe 1 (jsValToInt innerElOffsetHeight))
# scaleWidth = toReal (fromMaybe 1 (jsValToInt domElClientWidth)) / toReal (fromMaybe 1 (jsValToInt innerElOffsetWidth))
# scale = min scaleHeight scaleWidth
# world = (innerEl .# "style.transformOrigin" .= "top left") world
# world = (innerEl .# "style.transform" .= ("scale(" +++ toString scale +++ ")")) world
= world
module TestScaledEditor
import iTasks
import iTasks.Extensions.ScaledEditor
import StdFunctions
import Text.HTML
test :: Task HtmlTag
test = viewInformation () [ViewUsing id (scaledEditor 600 400 (htmlView <<@ styleAttr "padding: 0"))] html
<<@ ApplyLayout (layoutSubUIs (SelectByPath [1]) (setUIAttributes (sizeAttr FlexSize FlexSize)))
html = DivTag [StyleAttr "width: 100%; height: 100%; background: blue; color: white; margin: 0"]
[SpanTag [StyleAttr "font-size: 20px"] [Text "This text is automatically scaled"]
Start world = doTasks test world
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