Commit a0aea21f authored by Bas Lijnse's avatar Bas Lijnse

Made ip whitelist option configurable on the command line

parent 529e4192
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......@@ -108,6 +108,9 @@ where
("Specify the HTTP port (default: " +++ toString defaults.serverPort +++ ")")
, Option [] ["timeout"] (OptArg (\mp->fmap \o->{o & timeout=fmap toInt mp}) "MILLISECONDS")
"Specify the timeout in ms (default: 500)\nIf not given, use an indefinite timeout."
, Option [] ["allowed-hosts"] (ReqArg (\p->fmap \o->{o & allowedHosts = split "," p}) "IPADRESSES")
("Specify a comma separated white list of hosts that are allowed to connected to this application\ndefault: "
+++ join "," defaults.allowedHosts)
, Option [] ["keepalive"] (ReqArg (\p->fmap \o->{o & keepaliveTime={tv_sec=toInt p,tv_nsec=0}}) "SECONDS")
"Specify the keepalive time in seconds (default: 300)"
, Option [] ["maxevents"] (ReqArg (\p->fmap \o->{o & maxEvents=toInt p}) "NUM")
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