Commit aa6cc5fc authored by Bas Lijnse's avatar Bas Lijnse

Fixed bug in `interactRW` task. When an editor did a full replace the

'interact' class attribute was not set on the replacement ui. This led
to occasional weird behavior in the UI (mostly with lists that do full
parent aa867c7d
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......@@ -181,6 +181,9 @@ evalInteract prevChange mbr (?Just st) editorId sds editor modefun writefun even
= case mbChange of
(Ok (change, st, mbw), editorId, iworld)
# change = mergeUIChanges prevChange change
# change = case change of
ReplaceUI (UI type attr items) = ReplaceUI (UI type (addClassAttr "interact" attr) items)
_ = change
= case mbw of
?Just w = writefun w sds NoValue
(evalInteract change mbr (?Just st) editorId sds editor modefun writefun)
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