Commit aad74b43 authored by Bas Lijnse's avatar Bas Lijnse

Updated codebase extension to change in worldShare SDS

parent 06c6dd7f
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......@@ -12,13 +12,14 @@ where
toString Icl = ".icl"
moduleList :: SDSSource FilePath [(ModuleName,ModuleType)] ()
moduleList = worldShare read write
moduleList = worldShare read write notify
read path world = case scanPaths [path] world of
(Ok paths,world) = (Ok (determineModules path paths), world)
(Error e,world) = (Error (snd e), world)
write path () world = (Ok (),world)
notify p1 _ p2 = p1 == p2
scanPaths [] world = (Ok [],world)
scanPaths [p:ps] world = case getFileInfo p world of
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