Commit b945774b authored by Bas Lijnse's avatar Bas Lijnse

SAR Example: Three-hour version :) with eventlist for SAR-Heli

git-svn-id: 63da3aa8-80fd-4f01-9db8-e6ea747a3da2
parent 91cba8d1
......@@ -91,34 +91,30 @@ deploySARHeli incident
>>= \details ->
showInstructionAbout "Flight request" "Request the following flight of SAR-XZ at airbase" details
addLogEntry incident (Note ("Requested flight of SAR-XZ with details: " +++ visualizeAsTextDisplay details))
showInstruction "Take-off (out)" "Report when SAR-XZ has taken off"
addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ has taken off"))
//Arrival at scene
showInstruction "Arrival (out)" "Report when SAR-XZ has arrived at the scene"
addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ arrived at scene"))
//Take-off at scene
showInstruction "Take-off (in)" "Report when SAR-XZ has left the scene"
addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ left the scene"))
//Arrival at base
showInstruction "Arrival (in)" "Report when SAR-XZ has arrived at base"
addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ arrived at base"))
addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ deployment completed"))
addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ: Flight requested with details: " +++ visualizeAsTextDisplay details))
>>| waitForEvents ["Take-off at base","Arrival at scene","Take-off at scene","Arrival at base"]
>>| addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ: deployment completed"))
enterFlightDetails :: Task HeliFlightDetails
enterFlightDetails = enterInformation "Enter flight details for (SAR XZ)"
waitForEvents [] = return Void
waitForEvents [e:es]
= enterChoiceAbout "The next expected event of SAR-XZ is: " e [EVT_OK,EVT_OTHER]
>>= \choice -> case choice of
= (addLogEntry incident (Note ("SAR-XZ: " +++ e)) >>| waitForEvents es)
= (
addLogEntry incident (Note "SAR-XZ deviated from expected plan.")
>>| enterInformation "What happened?"
>>= \reason ->
addLogEntry incident reason
EVT_OK :== "This happened, continue"
EVT_OTHER :== "Something else happened, abort normal plan"
// Dummy deployment options
deploySalvageVessel :: IncidentNR -> Task Void
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