Commit bc3b83a1 authored by Mart Lubbers's avatar Mart Lubbers

fix step semantics

parent 32268735
Pipeline #29669 passed with stage
in 4 minutes and 34 seconds
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ where
(ExceptionResult e, iworld) = (ExceptionResult e, iworld)
(ValueResult _ _ _ _,iworld) = (ExceptionResult (exception "Failed destroying lhs in step"), iworld)
//Execute lhs
evalleft (Task lhs) prevEnabledActions leftTaskId event evalOpts=:{lastEval,taskId} iworld
evalleft (Task lhs) prevEnabledActions leftTaskId event evalOpts=:{lastEval,taskId=taskId=:(TaskId ino tano)} iworld
# mbAction = matchAction taskId event
# (res, iworld) = lhs event {TaskEvalOpts|evalOpts&taskId=leftTaskId} iworld
// Right is a step
......@@ -155,22 +155,10 @@ where
//No match, just pass through
Left res = (res, iworld)
//A match, continue with the matched rhs
Right ((_, (Task rhs), _), lastEvent, removedTasks)
//Execute the rhs with a reset event
# (resb, iworld) = rhs ResetEvent evalOpts iworld
= case resb of
ValueResult val info change=:(ReplaceUI _) (Task rhs)
# info = {TaskEvalInfo|info & lastEvent = max lastEvent info.TaskEvalInfo.lastEvent, removedTasks = removedTasks ++ info.TaskEvalInfo.removedTasks}
= (ValueResult
//Actually rewrite to the rhs
(Task rhs)
ValueResult _ _ change _
= (ExceptionResult (exception ("Reset event of task in step failed to produce replacement UI: ("+++ toString (toJSON change)+++")")), iworld)
ExceptionResult e = (ExceptionResult e, iworld)
Right ((_, (Task rhs), _), lastEval, removedTasks)
# info = {TaskEvalInfo|lastEvent=lastEval, removedTasks=removedTasks}
= (ValueResult NoValue info NoChange (Task (\_->rhs ResetEvent))
, queueEvent ino (RefreshEvent ('DS'.singleton taskId) "step") iworld)
wrapStepUI taskId evalOpts event actions prevEnabled val change
| actionUIs =: []
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