Commit bfd37172 authored by Steffen Michels's avatar Steffen Michels

remove superfluous task tree constructor

parent 5158b4c4
......@@ -61,7 +61,6 @@ derive JSONDecode TIMeta, TIReduct, TaskTree
= TCInit !TaskId !TaskTime //Initial state for all tasks
| TCBasic !TaskId !TaskTime !DeferredJSON !Bool //Encoded value and stable indicator
| TCInteract !TaskId !TaskTime !DeferredJSON !DeferredJSON !EditMask
//| TCProject !TaskId !DeferredJSON !TaskTree
| TCStep !TaskId !TaskTime !(Either (TaskTree,[String]) (DeferredJSON,Int,TaskTree))
| TCParallel !TaskId !TaskTime ![(!TaskId,!TaskTree)] [String] //Subtrees of embedded tasks and enabled actions
| TCShared !TaskId !TaskTime !TaskTree
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