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Running iTasks on Linux or a Mac is possible, but it takes a little more work
You should be able to get it working if you follow these steps:
1. Install clean. Download the clean 2.4 distribution for your OS and unzip it in your homedir. for example in ~/clean then run make inside that directory
2. Make sure the clean binaries are in your path by editing your .profile, .bashrc or whatever config file your shell uses.
Add ~/clean/bin to your path (assumming you installed clean in ~/clean). You can check by running "clm" (the commandline clean build tool for unix).
3. Get the latest iTasks from subversion ( and check it out to ~/clean/iTasks-SDK e.g. "svn co iTasks-SDK" from within the ~/clean directory
4. Get the latest clean compiler with iTasks specific modifications from subversion ( and build it by running the build script for your os from within the checkout. For example ./unix/ (for 32bit linux). This will build an executable called "cocl" (the clean compiler). You must copy or move this cocl to ~/clean/lib/exe/
5. You need to install the latest graph_copy library from subversion and build it. This library provides fast serialization of arbitrary Clean values. You can find it in Check it out to ~/clean/lib/.
This library contains C code that needs to be compiled. Remove all .o files from ~/clean/lib/graph_copy and then run the makefile for your platform. For example "make -f Makefile.linux"
To make the library work with iTasks you need to comment out two double imports that currently break on unix platforms. In dynamic_string.icl you need to comment out lines 6 and 7 such that they contain:
//import code from "copy_graph_to_string_interface."
//import code from "copy_graph_to_string."
6. You need to patch some of the standard clean libraries that came with the clean distribution. You can find the patches files in iTasks-SDK/Compiler/
Copy the following:
~/clean/iTasks-SDK/Compiler/StdGeneric.dcl to ~/clean/lib/StdEnv/
~/clean/iTasks-SDK/Compiler/StdGeneric.icl to ~/clean/lib/StdEnv/
~/clean/iTasks-SDK/Compiler/_SystemDynamic.dcl to ~/clean/lib/Dynamics/
~/clean/iTasks-SDK/Compiler/_SystemDynamic.icl to ~/clean/lib/Dynamics/
~/clean/iTasks-SDK/Compiler/TCPChannels.dcl to ~/clean/lib/TCPIP/
~/clean/iTasks-SDK/Compiler/TCPChannels.icl to ~/clean/lib/TCPIP/
7. You are now ready to compile your iTasks program. You do this by running clm with the options -nt -mv -dynamics -h 80M and a series of -I options to all necessary libraries. On linux you also need the -no-opt-link option. It is easiest to do so with a small script or Makefile because the list of libraries is quite long.
The content of your script could be something like this (for a program myprogram.icl on linux32)
clm -h 80M -no-opt-link -nt -mv -dynamics\
-I $CLEAN_HOME/lib/graph_copy\
-I $CLEAN_HOME/lib/Dynamics\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/Framework\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/Framework/ClientSupport\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/API/Core\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/API/Common\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/API/Extensions\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/API/Extensions/Admin\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Independent\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Independent/Data\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Independent/Math\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Independent/Text\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Independent/Text/Encodings\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Independent/Internet\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Independent/System\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Posix/System\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Linux/System\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Platform/OS-Linux-32/System\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib/Http\
-I $ITASKS_SDK/Server/lib\
myprogram -o myprogram
8. Pray everything works and have fun!
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