Commit e79ee5c2 authored by Mart Lubbers's avatar Mart Lubbers

Fix disabledness of actions, Closes #164

parent b79c27bb
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ import iTasks.UI.Definition
import Text.JSON
import GenEq
from Data.Func import $
from StdFunc import id, o, const
import StdList, StdBool, StdArray, StdTuple, Data.Tuple, Data.Functor
import Data.List
......@@ -102,22 +103,28 @@ finalizeStep = sequenceAllLayouts
//If there are no actions, unwrap
,layoutSubUIs (ContainsNoChildOfType UIAction) (sequenceAllLayouts [copySubUIAttributes SelectAll [] [0], unwrapUI,finalizeUI])
//If the previous rule did not eliminate the UIStep
,layoutSubUIs RootIsStep
(sequenceAllLayouts [layoutSubUIs (SelectByPath [0]) finalizeUI, actionsToButtonBar,setUIType UIPanel])
,layoutSubUIs RootIsStep
$ sequenceAllLayouts
[layoutSubUIs (SelectByPath [0]) finalizeUI
,setUIType UIPanel]
removeDisabledActionsOfNestedSteps //Select all children of type UIstep
= layoutSubUIs (ContainsChildOfType UIStep)
[removeDisabledActions //Remove disabled actions
,layoutSubUIs (SelectAND SelectChildren (SelectByType UIStep)) removeDisabledActions //Recursively apply to the UIStep child
// Nested steps are steps having steps under them
= layoutSubUIs
(SelectAND // (Nested)
(SelectByType UIStep) // Steps (are steps)
$ SelectByContains // having
$ SelectAND
(SelectByType UIStep) // steps
SelectDescendents) // under them
= removeSubUIs (SelectAND SelectChildren (SelectAND (SelectByType UIAction) (SelectByAttribute "enabled" (JSONBool False))))
ContainsChildOfType type =SelectAND (SelectByPath []) (SelectByContains (SelectAND SelectChildren (SelectByType type)))
ContainsNoChildOfType type =SelectAND (SelectByPath []) (SelectNOT (SelectByContains (SelectAND SelectChildren (SelectByType type))))
ContainsNoChildOfType type = SelectAND (SelectByPath []) (SelectNOT (SelectByContains (SelectAND SelectChildren (SelectByType type))))
RootIsStep = SelectAND (SelectByPath []) (SelectByType UIStep)
finalizeParallel :: Layout
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