Commit 2473fe68 authored by Laszlo Domoszlai's avatar Laszlo Domoszlai
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add testcase

parent f9d21335
[real.Span [65]]
\ No newline at end of file
main = real.Start
real.Start = real.op real.sp (real.Span 23.0) (real.Span 42.0)
:: real.Span = real.Span a1::D
real.sp !_x_0 !_x_1 = select _x_0 (real.Span a_1_0 -> select _x_1 (real.Span b_2_0 -> real.Span (addR a_1_0 b_2_0)) )
real.op !f_0 v1_1 v2_2 = f_0 v1_1 v2_2
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