Commit 060fd3b3 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add alternatives for constructors CV and --> to function equal_type

parent 0ebd34c5
......@@ -5438,6 +5438,10 @@ equal_type (TB bt1) (TB bt2)
= equal_basic_type bt1 bt2
equal_type (TV {tv_info_ptr=tv_info_ptr1}) (TV {tv_info_ptr=tv_info_ptr2})
= tv_info_ptr1==tv_info_ptr2
equal_type (CV {tv_info_ptr=tv_info_ptr1} :@: types1) (CV {tv_info_ptr=tv_info_ptr2} :@: types2)
= tv_info_ptr1==tv_info_ptr2 && equal_atypes types1 types2
equal_type (a_atype1 --> r_atype1) (a_atype2 --> r_atype2)
= equal_atype a_atype1 a_atype2 && equal_atype r_atype1 r_atype2
equal_type new_type old_type
= False
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