Commit 0707a06b authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add function BEGetIntFromArray, will replace BECopyInts because copying

an array of integers in this way fails if the size of integers is not the same
in clean and c
parent 065d39e6
......@@ -3512,6 +3512,12 @@ BECopyInts (int cLength, int *ints, int *cleanArray)
return (!truncate);
} /* BECopyInts */
BEGetIntFromArray (int index, int *ints)
return ints[index];
static void
CheckBEEnumTypes (void)
......@@ -550,6 +550,8 @@ Clean (BEStrictPositions :: Int BackEnd -> (Int, Int, BackEnd))
int BECopyInts (int cLength, int *ints, int *cleanArray);
int BEGetIntFromArray (int index, int *ints);
// temporary hack
void BEDeclareDynamicTypeSymbol (int typeIndex, int moduleIndex);
Clean (BEDeclareDynamicTypeSymbol :: Int Int BackEnd -> BackEnd)
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