Commit 07aaa7a2 authored by Vincent Zweije's avatar Vincent Zweije
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This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r624,

which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
parent d3232609
......@@ -82,18 +82,18 @@ actualfold deltanodes rnfnodes foldarea self foldcont hist rule
list2 = map (pairwith (findoccs hist rule)) (removeMembers (varlist rgraph [rroot]) (varlist rgraph rargs))
// list2: list combining every node with list of every instantiable history graph
list3 = [(rnode,hgraph,mapping) \\ (rnode,[((hroot,hgraph),mapping):_])<-list2]
list3 = [(rnode,mapping) \\ (rnode,[mapping:_])<-list2]
// list3: list combining every instantiable node with first instantiable history graph
= foldr foldrec rgraph list3
where foldrec (rnode,hgraph,mapping) = updategraph rnode (mapsnd (map (lookup mapping)) foldcont)
where foldrec (rnode,mapping) = updategraph rnode (mapsnd (map (lookup mapping)) foldcont)
(rgraph``,areas`) = finishfold foldarea fixednodes singlenodes rroot rgraph`
fixednodes = intersect (removeDup (argnodes++foldednodes++rnfnodes)) (varlist rgraph` [rroot])
singlenodes = intersect deltanodes (varlist rgraph` [rroot])
argnodes = varlist rgraph` rargs
foldednodes = map fst3 list3
foldednodes = map fst list3
> findoccs
......@@ -125,12 +125,12 @@ findoccs ::
[(pvar,Graph sym pvar)]
(Rule sym var)
-> [((pvar,Graph sym pvar),[(pvar,var)])]
-> [[(pvar,var)]]
| == var
& == pvar
findoccs hist rule rnode
= [ ((hroot,hgraph),mapping)
= [ mapping
\\ ((hroot,hgraph),(seen,mapping,[]))<-list1 // Find instantiable history rgraphs...
| unshared rnode (hroot,hgraph) mapping // ...which don't have shared contents
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