Commit 089cde2b authored by Ronny Wichers Schreur's avatar Ronny Wichers Schreur 🏢
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removed erroneous, unused function

parent 42496f31
......@@ -1270,13 +1270,6 @@ adjustArrayFunctions array_first_instance_indices/*arrayInstancesRange*/ predefs
= beAdjustArrayFunction mapping.[member_index] index main_dcl_module_n
o` adjustIclArrayInstanceMembers (index+1) next_member_index
foldStateWithIndexRangeA index
| index == to
= identity
// otherwise
= function index array.[index]
o` foldStateWithIndexRangeA (index+1)
convertRules :: [(Int, FunDef)] Int Ident *BackEndState -> (BEImpRuleP, *BackEndState)
convertRules rules main_dcl_module_n aliasDummyId be
# (null, be)
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