Commit 091f4fb2 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add type attributes for universally quantified variables generated in the generics1 module

to the list of all type attributes
(not adding these type attributes caused a type error),
this also happens for function types that are specified by the programmer,
the universally quantified type variables are however not added to the list of all type variables
parent d3566f1b
......@@ -4947,9 +4947,7 @@ where
collect_type_var (CV tv :@: _) st = add_type_var tv st
collect_type_var (TFA forall_atvs type) (tvs, avs, th_vars)
#! forall_tvs = [atv_variable\\{atv_variable}<-forall_atvs]
#! forall_avs = [av \\ {atv_attribute=TA_Var av}<-forall_atvs]
= (tvs -- forall_tvs, avs -- forall_avs, th_vars)
//---> ("collectTypeVarsAndAttrVars TFA", tvs, forall_tvs, tvs -- forall_tvs)
= (tvs -- forall_tvs, avs, th_vars)
collect_type_var t st = st
add_type_var tv (tvs, avs, th=:{th_vars})
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