Commit 0f9d052d authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove portToNewSyntax

parent de7a3fa7
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ implementation module check
import StdEnv
import syntax, typesupport, parse, checksupport, utilities, checktypes, transform, predef
import explicitimports, comparedefimp, checkFunctionBodies, containers, portToNewSyntax, compilerSwitches
import explicitimports, comparedefimp, checkFunctionBodies, containers, compilerSwitches
import genericsupport
import typereify
// import RWSDebug
......@@ -1968,21 +1968,13 @@ checkDclComponent components_array super_components expl_imp_indices mod_indices
// maps the module indices of all modules in the actual component to all explicit
// imports of that module
(dcl_modules, cs)
= switch_port_to_new_syntax
(possibly_write_expl_imports_of_main_dcl_mod_to_file imports_ikh dcl_modules cs)
(dcl_modules, cs)
(dcls_common_defs, (dcl_modules, cs))
= mapSt (createCommonDefinitionsWithinComponent is_on_cycle) mod_indices (dcl_modules, cs)
(afterwards_info, (expl_imp_infos, dcl_modules, icl_functions, macro_defs, heaps, cs))
= map2St (checkDclModuleWithinComponent dcl_imported_module_numbers component_nr is_on_cycle modules_in_component_set super_components imports_ikh)
mod_indices dcls_common_defs (expl_imp_infos, dcl_modules, icl_functions, macro_defs, heaps, cs)
| not cs.cs_error.ea_ok
-> (component_nr-1, expl_imp_infos, dcl_modules, icl_functions, macro_defs, heaps, cs)
......@@ -2559,11 +2551,6 @@ check_module2 mod_ident mod_modification_time mod_imported_objects mod_imports m
= solveExplicitImports expl_imp_indices_ikh modules_in_component_set nr_of_modules
(dcl_modules, bitvectCreate nr_of_modules, expl_imp_info.[nr_of_icl_component], cs)
(dcl_modules, cs)
= switch_port_to_new_syntax
(writeExplImportsToFile "icl.txt" imports.si_explicit dcl_modules cs)
(dcl_modules, cs)
imports_ikh = ikhInsert` False nr_of_modules imports ikhEmpty
// maps the module indices of all modules in the actual component to all explicit
// imports of that module
......@@ -3778,18 +3765,3 @@ groupify { dag_nr_of_nodes, dag_get_children } component_numbers nr_of_component
= node_to_components![node_nr]
= ({ visited_array & [child_component_number] = True }, [child_component_number : visited_list],
{ node_to_components & [node_nr] = [child_component_number:current_components] })
arg_string 0 = "result"
arg_string arg_nr = toString arg_nr+++". arg"
possibly_write_expl_imports_of_main_dcl_mod_to_file imports_ikh dcl_modules cs
| switch_port_to_new_syntax False True
= abort "possibly_write_expl_imports_of_main_dcl_mod_to_file is only used for portToNewSyntax"
#! x_main_dcl_module_n
= cs.cs_x.x_main_dcl_module_n
= case ikhSearch x_main_dcl_module_n imports_ikh of
// the main dcl module is not part of the currently checked module component
-> (dcl_modules, cs)
Yes {si_explicit}
-> writeExplImportsToFile "dcl.txt" si_explicit dcl_modules cs
......@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ import StdEnv
import frontend
import backendinterface
import filesystem, CoclSystemDependent
import portToNewSyntax
import compilerSwitches
//import RWSDebug
......@@ -296,16 +295,6 @@ compileModule options backendArgs cache=:{dcl_modules,functions_and_macros,prede
= case optionalSyntaxTree of
Yes syntaxTree
# functions_and_macros = syntaxTree.fe_icl.icl_functions
# (porting_ok, files)
= switch_port_to_new_syntax (createPortedFiles options.moduleName options.searchPaths files) (False, files)
error = switch_port_to_new_syntax
(case porting_ok of
-> error
-> error <<< "Error: couldn't write ported versions of module "
<<< options.moduleName <<< '\n')
# (success, var_heap, attrHeap, error, files)
= backEndInterface outputPath (map appendRedirection backendArgs) options.listTypes options.outPath predef_symbols syntaxTree main_dcl_module_n var_heap attrHeap error files
-> (success,functions_and_macros,n_functions_and_macros_in_dcl_modules,var_heap,attrHeap, error, files)
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