Commit 171a6681 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix pattern does not match error in function add_decons_call_for_overloaded_lists

parent 790316ef
......@@ -1829,6 +1829,7 @@ transfromPatternIntoBind mod_index def_level (AP_Algebraic cons_symbol=:{glob_mo
# decons_expr = App {app_symb={symb_name=decons_ident,symb_kind=SK_OverloadedFunction {glob_object=decons_index,glob_module=stdStrictLists_index}},app_args=[src_expr],app_info_ptr=new_info_ptr}
= (decons_expr,expr_heap,cs)
= (src_expr,expr_heap,cs)
= (src_expr,expr_heap,cs)
# (match_var, match_bind, var_store, expr_heap)
= bind_match_expr (MatchExpr cons_symbol src_expr) opt_var_bind position var_store expr_heap
-> transform_sub_patterns mod_index def_level args tuple_cons.glob_object 0 match_var match_bind
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