Commit 1dff6355 authored by Vincent Zweije's avatar Vincent Zweije
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Fix linker error (usize_u->usize)

parent dd472d48
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ supercompile dcl_mods main_dcl_module_n fun_defs0 var_heap expression_heap
// Build abstract CLI module
sucl_module = mkcli sucl_typerules sucl_stricts sucl_exports sucl_constrs sucl_bodies
// Generate fresh function symbols
(n_fun_defs,fun_defs3) = usize_u fun_defs1
(n_fun_defs,fun_defs3) = usize fun_defs1
fresh_symbols = [SuclUser (SK_Function (mkglobal main_dcl_module_n i)) \\ i<-[n_fun_defs..]]
// Do the job!
symredresults = fullsymred fresh_symbols sucl_module
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