Commit 1f9b8f3b authored by Ronny Wichers Schreur's avatar Ronny Wichers Schreur

don't add arguments to fail node

parent d5b056b8
......@@ -3112,6 +3112,8 @@ static NodeP add_argument_to_node (NodeP rhs_root_p,NodeIdP new_node_id_p)
if (root_symbol_p->symb_kind==if_symb && rhs_root_p->node_arity==3)
return add_argument_to_if_node (rhs_root_p,new_node_id_p);
else if (root_symbol_p->symb_kind == fail_symb)
return rhs_root_p;
else if (get_symbol_arity_or_zero (root_symbol_p) > rhs_root_p->node_arity){
ArgP *last_rhs_arg_h;
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