Commit 20ce191e authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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delete old implementation of generics

parent 95b701a1
definition module generics
import checksupport
from transform import ::Group
convertGenerics :: !{!Group} !Int !{#CommonDefs} !*{# FunDef} !*TypeDefInfos !*Heaps !*HashTable !*PredefinedSymbols !u:{# DclModule} /*!(Optional {#Index})*/ !*ErrorAdmin
-> (!{!Group}, !{#CommonDefs}, !*{# FunDef}, !IndexRange, !*TypeDefInfos, !*Heaps, !*HashTable, !*PredefinedSymbols, !u:{# DclModule}, /*!(Optional {#Index}),*/ !*ErrorAdmin)
getGenericMember :: !(Global Index) !TypeKind !{#CommonDefs} -> (Bool, Global Index)
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