Commit 2474d470 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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really remove dummy function add_kind in function check_generic_expr

parent c639d1c0
......@@ -1192,11 +1192,6 @@ checkExpression free_vars (PE_Generic id=:{id_name,id_info} kind) e_input e_stat
= (App app, es_expr_heap, {cs & cs_predef_symbols = cs_predef_symbols})
add_kind :: !Index !TypeKind !u:{#GenericDef} !*ExpressionState
-> (!u:{#GenericDef}, !*ExpressionState)
add_kind generic_index kind generic_defs e_state=:{es_generic_heap}
= (generic_defs, {e_state & es_generic_heap = es_generic_heap})
checkExpression free_vars (PE_TypeSignature array_kind expr) e_input e_state e_info cs
# (expr,free_vars,e_state,e_info,cs) = checkExpression free_vars expr e_input e_state e_info cs
predef_array_index = case array_kind of
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