Commit 25492b19 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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rename ea entry for record to eu, to prevent conflict with ea

entry for constructor with the same name as the record
parent 7f0f1dcc
......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ char d_pref[] = "d";
char n_pref[] = "n";
char ea_pref[] = "ea";
char eu_pref[] = "eu";
char l_pref[] = "l";
char s_pref[] = "s";
......@@ -890,7 +891,7 @@ static void GenerateConstructorDescriptorAndFunction (ConstructorList constructo
static void GenLazyRecordEntry (SymbDef rdef)
LabDef record_label,d_label,ea_label,*ea_label_p;
LabDef record_label,d_label,eu_label,*eu_label_p;
States argstates;
int asp,bsp,arity;
int maxasize,asize,bsize;
......@@ -905,31 +906,31 @@ static void GenLazyRecordEntry (SymbDef rdef)
if (rdef->sdef_boxed_record){
if (rdef->sdef_exported){
GenExportEaEntry (rdef);
MakeSymbolLabel (&ea_label,CurrentModule,ea_pref,rdef,0);
GenExportEuEntry (rdef);
MakeSymbolLabel (&eu_label,CurrentModule,eu_pref,rdef,0);
} else {
MakeSymbolLabel (&ea_label,NULL,ea_pref,rdef,0);
MakeSymbolLabel (&eu_label,NULL,eu_pref,rdef,0);
} else
if (DoTimeProfiling)
GenPB (rdef->sdef_ident->ident_name);
GenLazyRecordDescriptorAndExport (rdef);
GenLazyRecordNodeEntryDirective (arity,&d_label,ea_label_p);
GenLazyRecordNodeEntryDirective (arity,&d_label,eu_label_p);
GenOAStackLayout (1);
GenLabelDefinition (&CurrentAltLabel);
GenPushNode (ReduceError,asp);
if (ea_label_p!=NULL){
if (eu_label_p!=NULL){
GenOAStackLayout (arity+1);
if (DoTimeProfiling)
GenLabelDefinition (&ea_label);
GenLabelDefinition (&eu_label);
......@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ static void ConvertOptionsToString (char *optstring)
#define L_PREFIX "l"
#define EA_PREFIX "ea"
#define EU_PREFIX "eu"
#define S_PREFIX "s"
#define R_PREFIX "r"
......@@ -2564,6 +2565,14 @@ void GenExportEaEntry (SymbDef sdef)
void GenExportEuEntry (SymbDef sdef)
if (sdef->sdef_calledwithrootnode){
put_directive_ (Dexport);
FPrintF (OutFile,"e_%s_" EU_PREFIX "%s",CurrentModule,sdef->sdef_ident->ident_name);
void GenDAStackLayout (int asize)
if (DoStackLayout){
......@@ -145,6 +145,7 @@ void GenExportRecord (SymbDef sdef);
void GenExportFieldSelector (SymbDef sdef);
void GenExportStrictAndEaEntry (SymbDef sdef);
void GenExportEaEntry (SymbDef sdef);
void GenExportEuEntry (SymbDef sdef);
void GenDAStackLayout (int asize);
void GenDStackLayoutOfStates (int asize,int bsize,int n_states,StateP state_p);
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