Commit 30a9c9a8 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add space before and after @

parent bc2ba2ec
......@@ -3614,7 +3614,7 @@ foldExpr f expr=:(Var _) st
foldExpr f expr=:(App {app_args}) st
# st = f expr st
= foldSt (foldExpr f) app_args st
foldExpr f expr1=:(expr@exprs) st
foldExpr f expr1=:(expr @ exprs) st
# st = f expr st
= foldSt (foldExpr f) [expr:exprs] st
foldExpr f expr=:(Let {let_lazy_binds, let_strict_binds, let_expr}) st
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