Commit 316d01e8 authored by Martijn Vervoort's avatar Martijn Vervoort
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changed StdDynamics into StdDynamic

parent 4e2c02b3
......@@ -921,7 +921,7 @@ convertSelector moduleIndex selectorDefs {fs_index}
declareDynamicTemp :: PredefinedSymbols -> BackEnder
declareDynamicTemp predefs
= appBackEnd (BEDeclareDynamicTypeSymbol predefs.[PD_StdDynamics].pds_def predefs.[PD_DynamicTemp].pds_def)
= appBackEnd (BEDeclareDynamicTypeSymbol predefs.[PD_StdDynamic].pds_def predefs.[PD_DynamicTemp].pds_def)
predefineSymbols :: DclModule PredefinedSymbols -> BackEnder
predefineSymbols {dcl_common} predefs
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