Commit 36b92e1d authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix bug in the memory allocator

parent 0469f825
......@@ -142,19 +142,15 @@ AllocConvertBuffer (int min_size)
ConvertBufferP newBuffer;
int new_convert_buffer_size;
new_convert_buffer_size=sizeof (ConvertBufferS);
while (min_size>new_convert_buffer_size)
while (new_convert_buffer_size<min_size)
newBuffer = (ConvertBufferP) malloc (new_convert_buffer_size);
newBuffer = (ConvertBufferP) malloc (sizeof (ConvertBufferS)+(new_convert_buffer_size-kDefaultConvertBufferSize));
if (newBuffer == NULL)
FatalCompError ("backendsupport.c", "AllocConvertBuffer", "out of memory");
new_convert_buffer_size -= sizeof (ConvertBufferS)-kDefaultConvertBufferSize;
if (gFirstBuffer == NULL)
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