Commit 3d61cca5 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

use {}'s instead of ()'s in element type string for unboxed records

parent 6a7657a3
...@@ -1151,10 +1151,10 @@ static void GenABStackElemsForRecordDesc (StateS state) ...@@ -1151,10 +1151,10 @@ static void GenABStackElemsForRecordDesc (StateS state)
return; return;
case RecordState: case RecordState:
argstates = state.state_record_arguments; argstates = state.state_record_arguments;
FPutC ('(', OutFile); FPutC ('{', OutFile);
for (arity=0; arity < state.state_arity; ++arity) for (arity=0; arity < state.state_arity; ++arity)
GenABStackElemsForRecordDesc (argstates[arity]); GenABStackElemsForRecordDesc (argstates[arity]);
FPutC (')', OutFile); FPutC ('}', OutFile);
return; return;
case ArrayState: case ArrayState:
FPutC ('a', OutFile); FPutC ('a', OutFile);
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