Commit 3e42872a authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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makefile for MacOSX / MACH_O

parent 1d1208ac
# This is for MacOSX
CFLAGS = -I /Developer/Headers/FlatCarbon/ -D_MAC_ -DPOWER -DGNU_C -DKARBON -O
AR = ar
RANLIB = ranlib
backend.o backendsupport.o buildtree.o checker_2.o checksupport.o \
cocl.o codegen1.o codegen2.o codegen3.o codegen.o comparser_2.o \
compiler.o comsupport.o dbprint.o instructions.o optimisations.o \
pattern_match_2.o result_state_database.o sa.o scanner_2.o \
set_scope_numbers.o settings.o statesgen.o tcsupport_2.o \
typeconv_2.o version.o \
mac_io.o path_cache.o
backend.a: $(OBJECTS)
$(AR) cur backend.a $(OBJECTS)
$(RANLIB) backend.a
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