Commit 5351fa56 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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fix layout

parent 9e97bba4
......@@ -3110,7 +3110,7 @@ updateExplImpInfoForCachedModule super_components mod_index dcls_import dcls_loc
= unmark_belongings_of_expl_imp_symbols dcls_local_for_import (dcl_modules, cs_symbol_table)
(dcl_modules, cs_symbol_table)
(dcl_modules, cs_symbol_table)
= unmark_belongings_of_expl_imp_symbols dcls_import dcl_modules__cs_symbol_table
cs_symbol_table = foldSt (\l cs_symbol_table->foldSt restoreHeap l cs_symbol_table) changed_symbols cs_symbol_table
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