Commit 55392d81 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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add support for strings in foreign export

parent 72a3840a
......@@ -3679,6 +3679,14 @@ static void print_foreign_export_type (TypeNode type)
} else if (symbol_p->symb_kind==real_type){
FPrintF (OutFile,"R");
} else if (symbol_p->symb_kind==unboxed_array_type){
TypeNode type_node_p;
if (!type_node_p->type_node_is_var && type_node_p->type_node_symbol->symb_kind==char_type){
FPrintF (OutFile,"S");
} else if (symbol_p->symb_kind==tuple_type){
TypeArgs type_arg_p;
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