Commit 5597ae38 authored by Ronny Wichers Schreur's avatar Ronny Wichers Schreur 🏘
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initialise number for failing case label for each compile

parent 790a8ad5
......@@ -1257,6 +1257,9 @@ extern Symbol UnboxedArrayFunctionSymbols [];
static Label ApplyLabel;
static StateS ApplyState;
#if CLEAN2
static int CaseFailNumber;
extern SymbDef ApplyDef; /* from codegen2.c */
......@@ -3391,9 +3394,9 @@ void GenNoMatchError (SymbDef sdef,int asp,int bsp,int string_already_generated)
#if CLEAN2
void GenCaseNoMatchError (SymbDefP case_def,int asp,int bsp)
static int case_number;
GenPopA (asp);
GenPopB (bsp);
......@@ -3402,16 +3405,16 @@ void GenCaseNoMatchError (SymbDefP case_def,int asp,int bsp)
FPrintF (OutFile, "m_%s", CurrentModule);
put_instruction_b (pushD);
FPrintF (OutFile, "case_fail%u",case_number);
FPrintF (OutFile, "case_fail%u",CaseFailNumber);
GenJmp (&match_error_lab);
put_directive_ (Dstring);
FPrintF (OutFile, "case_fail%u \"",case_number);
FPrintF (OutFile, "case_fail%u \"",CaseFailNumber);
PrintSymbolOfIdent (case_def->sdef_ident,case_def->sdef_line,OutFile);
FPrintF (OutFile, "\"");
......@@ -3631,6 +3634,10 @@ void GenImpLib (char *lib_name)
void InitInstructions (void)
#if CLEAN2
CaseFailNumber = 0;
ABCFileName = NULL;
SetUnaryState (& ApplyState, StrictRedirection, UnknownObj);
ApplyLabel = NULL;
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