Commit 5a9affc1 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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remove prototypes of removed functions, add ListTypes prototype

parent 055d1ecd
......@@ -6,27 +6,10 @@ Author: Sjaak Smetsers
extern Bool ConvertTypesOfLiftedTypeVarsOrWildCards (TypeAlts type_alt, SymbolType symbtype, PolyList lifted_type_vars);
extern TypeAlts ConvertSymbolTypeToRuleType (Symbol rule_symbol, SymbolType rtype, int arity,
TypeCell extra_args [], int nr_of_extra_args, TypeCell over_vars [], int over_arity);
extern void PrintType (SymbDef tdef, TypeAlts type);
extern Symbol ConvertSymbDefToSymbol (SymbDef sdef);
extern void ConvertSymbolToType (SymbDef sdef, char * module_env);
extern Bool ConvertTypeAltToTCType (SymbDef lhs_def, SymbolType result_type, TypeAlts type_alt,
unsigned nr_of_lifted_args, int over_arity, TypeCell over_vars []);
extern void InitAttributeRow (void);
extern void ListTypes (ImpMod imod);
extern void InitARC_Info (void);
extern void ConversionError (Symbol which_symbol, char *which, char *error);
extern SymbolTypeInfoP NewSymbolTypeInfo (void);
extern void PrintTypeClass (SymbDef class_def, File file);
#define NewTypeCells(n,hd) TH_AllocArray (hd,n,TypeCell)
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