Commit 5b37b7cf authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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implement newtype

parent 61c1f167
......@@ -2081,7 +2081,7 @@ foldStateWithIndex function n
markExports :: DclModule {#ClassDef} {#CheckedTypeDef} {#ClassDef} {#CheckedTypeDef} -> BackEnder
markExports {dcl_functions,dcl_common={com_type_defs,com_cons_defs,com_selector_defs,com_class_defs}} dclClasses dclTypes iclClasses iclTypes
= foldStateWithIndex (beExportType False) (size com_type_defs)
o foldStateWithIndex beExportConstructor (size com_cons_defs)
o foldStateWithIndex export_constructor (size com_cons_defs)
o foldStateWithIndex (beExportField False) (size com_selector_defs)
o foldStateWithIndex (exportDictionary iclClasses iclTypes) (size com_class_defs)
o foldStateWithIndex beExportFunction (size dcl_functions)
......@@ -2101,3 +2101,8 @@ markExports {dcl_functions,dcl_common={com_type_defs,com_cons_defs,com_selector_
exportDictionaryField :: FieldSymbol -> BackEnder
exportDictionaryField {fs_index}
= beExportField True fs_index
export_constructor constructor_index
| com_cons_defs.[constructor_index].cons_number <> -2
= beExportConstructor constructor_index
= \ bs=:{bes_backEnd} -> bs
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