Commit 5ee09622 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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implement import of newtype constructor

parent 06d15acb
......@@ -132,13 +132,14 @@ retrieveGlobalDefinition {ste_kind,ste_def_level,ste_index} requ_kind mod_index
getBelongingSymbols :: !Declaration !v:{#DclModule} -> (!BelongingSymbols, !v:{#DclModule})
getBelongingSymbols (Declaration {decl_kind=STE_Imported STE_Type def_mod_index, decl_index}) dcl_modules
# ({td_rhs}, dcl_modules)
= dcl_modules![def_mod_index].dcl_common.com_type_defs.[decl_index]
# (td_rhs,dcl_modules) = dcl_modules![def_mod_index].dcl_common.com_type_defs.[decl_index].td_rhs
= case td_rhs of
AlgType constructors
-> (BS_Constructors constructors, dcl_modules)
RecordType {rt_fields}
-> (BS_Fields rt_fields, dcl_modules)
NewType constructor
-> (BS_Constructors [constructor], dcl_modules)
-> (BS_Nothing, dcl_modules)
getBelongingSymbols (Declaration {decl_kind=STE_Imported STE_Class def_mod_index, decl_index}) dcl_modules
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