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Add strictness annotations in backendpreprocess and convertcases to prevent...

Add strictness annotations in backendpreprocess and convertcases to prevent stack overflows when generic fusion is used
parent 9f5e1dff
......@@ -15,24 +15,22 @@ backEndPreprocess aliasDummyId functionIndices iclModule varHeap
= preprocess aliasDummyId
[iclModule.icl_functions.[i] \\ i <- functionIndices] varHeap
class preprocess a :: !Ident a -> Preprocessor
:: Preprocessor
:== *PreprocessState -> *PreprocessState
class preprocess a :: !Ident a !*PreprocessState -> *PreprocessState
:: PreprocessState
:== VarHeap
instance preprocess {#a} | preprocess a & Array {#} a where
preprocess aliasDummyId array
= foldStateA (preprocess aliasDummyId) array
preprocess aliasDummyId array pst
= foldStateA (preprocess aliasDummyId) array pst
instance preprocess [a] | preprocess a where
preprocess aliasDummyId list
= foldState (preprocess aliasDummyId) list
preprocess aliasDummyId list pst
= foldState (preprocess aliasDummyId) list pst
// +++ this assigns sequence numbers per function, should be per alternative and move to backendconvert
instance preprocess FunDef where
preprocess aliasDummyId funDef
= fromSequencerToPreprocessor aliasDummyId (sequence funDef.fun_body)
preprocess aliasDummyId funDef pst
= fromSequencerToPreprocessor aliasDummyId (sequence funDef.fun_body) pst
class sequence a :: a -> Sequencer
:: Sequencer
......@@ -63,6 +63,9 @@ where
convert_functions NoComponentMembers group_nr dcl_functions common_defs main_dcl_module_n fun_defs_and_ci
= fun_defs_and_ci
convert_function :: !Index !{#{#FunType}} !{#CommonDefs} !Int !Int
!*(!*{#FunDef}, ![SymbKind], !*ConvertState)
-> *(!*{#FunDef}, ![SymbKind], !*ConvertState)
convert_function group_index dcl_functions common_defs main_dcl_module_n fun (fun_defs, collected_imports, cs)
# ({fun_body,fun_type}, fun_defs) = fun_defs![fun]
(fun_body, (collected_imports, cs))
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