Commit 6abeac5d authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen
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don't stop with an abort if st_attr_env contains free attributes,

this may occur if the result type of a synonym type or newtype is a type variabele,
this should be fixed

parent 9480b940
......@@ -1602,6 +1602,11 @@ beautifulizeAttributes symbol_type th_attrs
= (accu, visited)
= ([candidate:accu], visited)
instance performOnAttrVars AttrInequality
performOnAttrVars f {ai_demanded,ai_offered} st
= f ai_demanded (f ai_offered st)
assignNumbersToAttrVars :: !SymbolType !*AttrVarHeap -> (!Int, ![AttributeVar], !.AttrVarHeap)
assignNumbersToAttrVars {st_attr_vars, st_args, st_result, st_attr_env} th_attrs
# th_attrs = foldSt initializeToAVI_Empty st_attr_vars th_attrs
......@@ -1609,8 +1614,9 @@ assignNumbersToAttrVars {st_attr_vars, st_args, st_result, st_attr_env} th_attrs
= performOnAttrVars assign_number_to_unencountered_attr_var (st_args, st_result)
(0, [], th_attrs)
| fst (foldSt hasnt_got_a_number st_attr_env (False, th_attrs))
= abort "sanity check nr 834 in module typesupport failed"
= (nr_of_attr_vars, attr_vars, th_attrs)
// to do: prevent free attributes in st_attr_env when expanding types
= performOnAttrVars assign_number_to_unencountered_attr_var st_attr_env (nr_of_attr_vars, attr_vars, th_attrs)
= (nr_of_attr_vars, attr_vars, th_attrs)
assign_number_to_unencountered_attr_var av=:{av_info_ptr} (next_number, attr_vars_accu, th_attrs)
# (avi, th_attrs) = readPtr av_info_ptr th_attrs
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