Commit 7032bee2 authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

fix bug in second last commit, fix initialisation of predef indices for array, maybe and unit types

parent 233238c9
......@@ -3736,7 +3736,6 @@ where
<=< adjustPredefSymbolAndCheckIndex PD_UnboxedTailStrictListType mod_index PD_UnboxedTailStrictListTypeIndex STE_Type
<=< adjustPredefSymbol PD_OverloadedListType mod_index STE_Type
<=< adjust_predef_symbols_and_check_indices PD_Arity2TupleType PD_Arity32TupleType PD_Arity2TupleTypeIndex mod_index STE_Type
<=< adjust_predef_symbols PD_LazyArrayType PD_UnitType mod_index STE_Type
<=< adjustPredefSymbolAndCheckIndex PD_LazyArrayType mod_index PD_LazyArrayTypeIndex STE_Type
<=< adjustPredefSymbolAndCheckIndex PD_StrictArrayType mod_index PD_StrictArrayTypeIndex STE_Type
<=< adjustPredefSymbolAndCheckIndex PD_UnboxedArrayType mod_index PD_UnboxedArrayTypeIndex STE_Type
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