Commit 7053017c authored by John van Groningen's avatar John van Groningen

fix A stack offset in generated code for a MatchNode of a just_symbol

parent d15989bc
......@@ -4844,7 +4844,6 @@ void FillMatchNode (Node node,int *asp_p,int *bsp_p,NodeId update_node_id,CodeGe
AdjustTuple (a_size,b_size,asp_p,bsp_p,1,demanded_state_array,&value_state,a_size,b_size);
} else {
GenReplArg (1,1);
*asp_p -= 1;
AdjustTuple (1,0,asp_p,bsp_p,1,demanded_state_array,&value_state,1,0);
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